Flex Fax

Put a Fax Machine on Your Phone or Desktop

Flex Fax lets you turn your email into your “fax machine,” saving you time and money. You’ll be assigned your own personal local or toll-free number, and then you can begin receiving incoming faxes securely and directly through your email address.

Key Features

  • Faxes remain personal and private, stored in your email account until you are ready to print them
  • ​ Reduce time spent running back-and-forth between the fax machine and your desk
  •  Redirect your main fax number to our “Flex Fax” system to redirect all of your incoming faxes to your specified email address
  •  Free up your company’s fax machine for just sending faxes
  • Eliminate busy signals on incoming faxes
  • Receive faxes when you’re travelling or away from the office