Flex Call

Automated Reminder Calls Made Easy

Time management is key to running any successful appointment-based business. With the Flex Call system, appointment reminders can be automatically delivered, letting you make the most of your time and saving your administrative staff effort.

Simply record the message you want to send, upload the phone numbers for the next day’s appointments, set the start time for your calls and send.

Key Features

  • Personalized messages can be sent on 10 to 10,000 reminders
  • Personalize your reminder message with name, appointment time or other pertinent information
  • You set the delivery schedule and even the speed that calls are made
  • Flex Call Service includes a Press 1 option If a patient needs to speak to the receptionist to change or reschedule their appointment
  • Provides your office the opportunity to fill a rescheduled time slot
  • Instant access to real-time reports; letting you know which patients received the message live or on their answering machines