Flex Add-ons

Give your company the flexibility to improve communications while lowering your overall costs. Network Communications’ lineup of Flex Add-On services give you the power to affordably customize your phone system to meet the changing needs of your business with the exact tools you need.  

Take any or all of our Flex Services out for a test drive by calling 903-212-9111 for a free demonstration.

Flex Mail

The responsive voicemail feature’s ideal for any critical-service business (medical or dental offices) or organization that receives phone calls requiring immediate action.

Flex Track

Measure the success of your inbound and outbound calls with real-time data. Flex Track offers vital reports with the metrics you want – call volume, routing and more.

Flex Line

Turn your phone system into a marketing tool with a “virtual phone line” for special, pre-recorded messaging, all without tying up your business’ valuable phone lines.

Flex Port

Putting a local face on your company with a local phone number is good for business. Flex Port adapts to your needs wherever and however you need.

Flex Fax

Stop running to the fax machine. Flex Fax saves time and money by turning your email into a fax machine. You get your faxes securely delivered wherever you are.

Flex Queue

Flex Queue is one of the most cost-effective ways to answer calls, ensuring every incoming call is answered and queued up, while playing your informational messaging.

Flex Call

Missed appointments mean missed revenue. Whether you need to call 10 or 10,000 patients with appointment reminders, Flex Call makes it automatic and easy.

Flex Greeting

Make a professional impression on every person who contacts your business with a special greeting in advance of ringing the call directly to your location.

Flex Receptionist

No customer wants to hear a busy signal. With Flex Receptionist, all of your company calls are automatically answered, greeted and routed by a Hosted PBX auto attendant service.