Metro Ethernet

The Flexibility to Adapt — Strength to Securely Deliver

Network Communications’ Metro Ethernet Services can enable your business to increase productivity and improve communications, while providing the flexibility, reliability and security you require. Whether you want to enhance a local office-to-office network or upgrade all of your locations in a metropolitan area, our robust, standard-based Ethernet-based solutions make it possible.

Metro Ethernet service delivers higher bandwidth for converged voice, data and Internet connectivity that’s easier to scale and manage, all at a lower cost-per-Mbps than traditional Frame Relay and Private Line networks. In addition, Metro Ethernet also delivers substantial benefits to your business by decreasing network complexity, equipment needs and IT staff time.

Plus, the reliability and security of Network Communications’ Metro Ethernet services is particularly critical if your business communicates or transfers confidential/proprietary data or records, such as banks, financial institutions, hospitals and medical facilities.

Key Benefits

  • More bandwidth at a lower cost-per-Mbps than legacy Frame Relay and Private Line networks with a single connection
  • MPLS Platform – Multi-layered security
  • Proactive network monitoring conducted around the clock, along with trouble resolution, service level agreements and web-based reporting
  • Wide range of access options, from as low as 3Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • Additional capabilities/services and support for bandwidth-intensive applications
  • No need to convert data to other protocols
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) technology segments the network, so traffic stays separate and data is secure

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