Fiber-Optic Internet

Keep Your Internet Up To Speed with Fiber

The simple solution to improving the speed and connectivity of your business-class Internet service is Network Communications. The quality and reliability of our private, high-speed fiber-optic network can keep your Internet service up-to-speed with the growing demands of your business.

The Network Communications’ private fiber-optic network is significantly more reliable than standard copper Internet connectivity and outpaces public Internet connections in speed and signal strength quality. So, when other companies experience delays, slow downs, dropped calls and data loss during periods of high demand, your connectivity and productivity will not be affected.

This becomes an even greater advantage as businesses of all sizes move more and more to Clouds for operational agility and access to apps, CRM (customer relationship management) tools and data storage.

If your business is concerned about security, Network Communications’ private fiber-optic network is a powerful deterrent to hackers or information thieves who have proven the vulnerability of business cable Internet.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable and scalable
  • Maximum reliability and performance
  • Increased voice quality for VoIP users
  • Faster access to Cloud data/files/apps
  • Symmetrical speeds for uploads/downloads
  • Video and teleconferencing without sacrificing bandwidth
  • Smoother streaming video
  • Complete network monitoring
  • Superior customer service
  • Improved collaboration and communications

Ready to move your business to the speed of light? Let a Network Communications sales consultant help you upgrade to fiber-optic connectivity by calling 800-793-0197 or send us a message here.